Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Free Listonian Defense Forces (FLDF) comprise the armed forces of the Listonian Free State. Always subordinate to civil authority, command is vested in the Minister of Defense except in a time of war or national emergency, when it vests in the State President. The Chief of the General Staff, who advises the Cabinet on military matters is the highest ranking commissioned officer of the FLDF.

The FLDF is an all volunteer, professional military (there is no draft or compulsory service in the LFS) composed of land (army), sea (naval) and air force staffs. Men and women between the ages of 18-40 are eligible for admission. As of 305, there are approximately 95,000 active-duty enlisted and commissioned individuals in the FLDF. Constitutional law prohibits the deployment of the FLDF within the territory of the State except for training exercises or to repel foreign invasion.

In addition to active-duty forces, the FLDF maintains a reserve complement of approximately 30,000 individuals who train regularly, but otherwise maintain their civilian lives.

Because of the relatively small size (in terms of manpower) of the FLDF, remote weapons systems and research and development account for a large portion of the annual defense budget. The FLDF has invested heavily in cruise missile systems, unmanned attack vehicles (UAVs) and airborne stealth technologies.

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