Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World Factbook

Name (conventional long form): Listonian Free State
(conventional short form): Listonia

Capital and largest city: Liston (3.25 million est.)

Population (305 est.): 12.52 million

Major Religions: Cruistianity, Mounism, Atheism

Major Ethnic Groups (305 est.): Black 29%; White 31%; Mulatto 25%; other 15%

Government type: Federal unitary constitutional republic
Democratic system: Parliamentary
Legislative: National Assembly (547 members), elected to 5-year terms from a proportional party list method
election results: seats by party - Free Democratic Party (moderate libertarian & democratic capitalism) 276, Socialist Party (democratic socialist) 141, Radical Party (center-left) 59, Worker's Revolutionary Party (radical left) 32, Cruistian Democratic Party (center-right) 18, Conservative Nationalist Party (radical right) 6, Party of Moun (Mounist) 4, independent 11

chief of state and government: State President Peter KREMBS (note: the State President is elected by the National Assembly for a 5 year term; he/she is usually the leader of the largest party or coalition in the National Assembly)
cabinet: appointed by the State President from the National Assembly

Judicial: Constitutional Court (11 judges appointed by the President with the consent of the National Assembly)

Suffrage: Universal (18 years of age)

National Holiday: 11 November (Independence Day)

Currency: Rand (1 Rand = 100 cents); notes and coins redeemable for gold and silver reserves

Armed Forces: Free Listonian Defense Force
manpower (305 est.): 95,000

International Organizations: United Nations of Vexillium; Melanian Sea Treaty Organization

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  1. I like the sound of Listonia. Nice choice of currency ;).