Thursday, June 17, 2010

Abortion dispute highlights fractures in Free Democrats' civic libertarianism

Liston Free Press-- Things may be coming to a head in the Free Democratic Party which has controlled the government of the Free State since its independence eight years ago.

Since the Free Press reported on an internal FDP debate on L-209, a Socialist bill which, with few exceptions, would allow for completely unrestricted abortion in the country, many FDP backbenchers have come forward with other concerns regarding FDP policies, including the disestablishment of the Central Bank last year.  "The devil is in the details," said Dave Grynwyyd, professor of political science at the University of Liston.  "The FDP is a broad grouping of traditional, classical liberals and moderate libertarians.  They generally agree on broad principles, but there are wedge issues like finance and abortion that can rankle party cohesion."  "We can see essentially two factions of the FDP: the populist conservatives lead by President Krembs and the traditional capitalists, who are more socially permissive and sympathetic to corporate interests," he said.

Such divisions may have always existed since the party's formation but are only now seething to the surface.  "After 8 years of rule, it's apparent that some in the FDP are getting restless with the current management," said Grynwyyd.  Time will tell if the cracks can be patched or will splay under pressure.

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