Friday, June 25, 2010

FDP rebels expelled from caucus; Government to accept motion of no-confidence

LISTON-- The 108 Free Democrats who rebelled against the party in a vote on L-209 have been expelled from the parliamentary caucus.  In a prepared press statement, Deputy President Dan Featherstonehaugh expressed "with regret" the removals, but said the FDP had reached a cross-roads in its political philosophy and indicated that it would embrace a more "libertarian-populist" model of policy based on "respect for human life and dignity, which is a foundation to any moral capitalist system", he stated.

The three page communique also decribed shortcomings with the current governmental structure, and hinted that the FDP would campaign on reforming the Constitution to "maximize political participation and devolve power from the unitary state to regional entities."

The Government also indicated that it would not oppose a motion of no-confidence, introduced by the opposition Socialist Party-- a pre-requisite to the dissolution of the National Assembly by the President.  A vote on the measure could come as soon as Saturday or Sunday.

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