Thursday, June 24, 2010

Government on the brink

LISTON-- L-209, a bill which has unified leftist parties and exposed deep fractures in the ruling Free Democrats cleared its second reading in the National Assembly today and is one step away from becoming the law of the land: in order for the legislation to pass out of the National Assembly, it must undergo a third reading, likely weeks away.

Meanwhile, sources close to President Krembs tell the Liston Free Press that the Cabinet met today after the vote on L-209 and is seriously considering allowing a motion of no-confidence, introduced by the opposition Socialist Party, to go forward.  If such a motion passes, it would require at least most of the 108 Free Democrats who crossed the aisle today to vote in the affirmative-- an increasingly probable scenario since Free Democrat leaders across the country are calling for the deputies who supported L-209 to be expelled from the caucus.  In the process, it may just allow the President and his more conservative, populist faction of the party to save face before being handed an ultimate defeat on the bill, and head into early elections.

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