Thursday, October 3, 2013

MESTO Charter (mirror)

The Mesotnia Charter: Agreement of the Heads of State of the Six Powers Comprising The Melanian Sea Treaty Organisation (MESTO) Regarding the Establishment and Maintenance of Mestonia Park:

Our six nations, individually and in concert, today declare that:


that portion of the continent of Delgamia lying between the Melanian Sea and the Tecojoro Mountains, denominated "Mestonia Park" on the accompanying map, has been apportioned to the joint and indivisible sovereignty of the six nations subscribing to this agreement; and that


the aforementioned "Mestonia Park" is characterized by an astonishing and unrivalled diversity of ecosystems, species, and subspecies; and that


that same territory has provided home to a valued and varied citizenry of some 550,000 human souls; and that


this multinational population, having been governed by a well-intentioned but distracted power from outside the region, today cannot depend on a civil authority capable of protecting basic human rights; and that

WHEREAS scientists of all nations have called for the protection of the precious natural and human resources of the region,



our six states do hereby establish the "Mestonia Park Authority" to administer the territory for the benefit of all its species and on behalf of future generations of Vexillians yet unborn.

The Mestonia Park Authority will exercise its powers under the following conditions:

No less than 90% of the land of the territory in question shall be used for no purposes other than ecological preservation and non-intrusive scientific investigation.

On the remainder of the land, uses will be limited to: residential, agricultural, and commercial activities of the current inhabitants of the territory or their linear descendents still residing in the territory; scientific research; civil administration; and the maintenance of facilities appropriate to the industry commonly described as "eco-tourism.

The current inhabitants of the territory and their linear descendents shall be issued a special Mestonia passport, enabling them to reside and work in any of the six of our nations. Upon request, they shall also be issued a passport of the particular nation in which they choose to reside, provided only that at such time they surrender any currently-valid Northern Gronkian passport.

Local government functions shall -- to the maximum degree feasible -- be exercised by township authorities devised and managed by the current inhabitants.

Other functions shall be exercised by the Mestonia Park Authority through its Executive Committee, on which sit: five representatives chosen by a vote of the current inhabitantsresident in the territory, and two representatives each from Aros, Brolecia, Eastern , or their linear descendents above the age of 18 still Delgamiaany other independent state situated on the Melanian Sea that subscribes to this , Morania, Ordland, and San Patricio; plus two representatives from agreementdetermined by a vote of no fewer than four of the six powers signing this agreement.. Rules of order and procedure for the Executive Committee shall be

May success crown this endeavor of preserving Peace and safeguarding Nature.

Signed and sealed this twenty-fifth day of July, 299, in the City of Puerto Bravo.

Ana Robertsonite, Servant of the Conquesta and the Aros People, Secretary of Foreign Relations, Free and Independent Republic of Aros

John Coopier, President, Federal Republic of Brolecia

Isaac Soares, President, Republic of Ordland

Juan Pablo O’Gorman O’Driscoll, The Da, Estado Unido de San Patricio

H. E. Joseph, Prince of Morania, Constitutional Monarchy of Morania

Mendek Karastourru, President, Republic of Eastern Delgamia


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